Polecat works with companies, international institutions, regulatory and public bodies related to energy, healthcare & finance. Applied to geographies and languages around the world, Polecat helps our customers identify and interrogate strategic risks and opportunities, enabling better strategy and management.

Selected Customers

Shell International

National Health Service

Central Bank of Ireland


Booz Allen Hamilton

Johnson & Johnson

Sectors in focus



Polecat works with finance sector customers to anticipate and manage potential strategic and operation risks to assets in their value chains – for instance, related to geopolitical risks, economic confidence, consumer protection, rumours and speculation, compliance, and investor relations’ responses to key announcements.

  • Polecat works with a financial regulator to track digital indicators of business risk.
  • Polecat works with global banks to track key risks to their value chain.
  • Polecat works with Investor Relations to track risks related to corporate taxation.


Polecat works with energy sector customers to anticipate and manage potential strategic and operational risks related to geopolitics, established and emerging markets, contentious issues and policy related to energy and climate security.

  • Polecat provides multinational oil and gas companies with enterprise wide licences for the provision of strategic and operational intelligence across their business.
  • Polecat has indepth intelligence to key energy risks and influencers related to unconventional exploration and production, contentious policy areas and geographies.


Polecat works with pharmaceutical, life sciences and the healthcare sector to manage potential strategic and operational risks regarding key product performance and innovation, chronic and acute diseases, seasonal trends and healthcare contingency planning.

  • Polecat works with the NHS to identify key strategic and operational risks arising from public and patient opinion, including tracking chronic diseases to anticipate and manage swell in symptoms and potential patient numbers.
  • Polecat works with pharma customers to understand strategic, operational and product risks and resilience.